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Tips for Landlords and Tenants

Tips for Landlords and Tenants in California

With offices in Pasadena, California, Zakari Law provides full-service consultation and representation for landlords and tenants of residential and commercial properties. To speak with an experienced attorney, contact our office at 626-793-7328. Se habla español

Tips for Landlords

  • Do more than a simple credit check on your prospective tenants. Check past references, check employment (ask for two months of pay stubs), and check for past evictions.
  • Memorialize all terms and agreements in writing. Consider the number of occupants living in the unit, whether pets are allowed, whether parking is allowed, whether use of an existing garage is allowed, or whether storage lockers are allowed.
  • Take interior and exterior pictures of the premises prior to the tenant moving in.
  • Exclude attorney's fees clauses from your residential lease agreements, they only serve to help the tenant.
  • Keep your file organized. The more detailed your file is, the better off you are.
  • Do not wait several months before you decide to take action against your tenant. Delaying action may harm your chances at succeeding in an unlawful detainer trial.
  • Contact a lawyer who is familiar with landlord tenant law when ready to start your eviction.

Tips for Tenants

  • Take interior and exterior pictures of the premises prior to the tenant moving in.
  • If there are conditions that need repair, even if you do not ask the landlord to make those repairs, document the existence of anything that is less than perfect. When it is time to move out, you won't be charged for damage that was not caused by you.
  • Make sure that you get receipts for rent payments, even if you are paying by personal check. If your check is mailed, have some proof of mailing. You can purchase a certificate of mailing for roughly $1, and signatures are not required.
  • Memorialize all agreements, and be familiar with your lease terms. By way of example, if the lease states you are not allowed to have pets without prior written consent from the landlord, and your landlord orally agrees that you may have a dog, make sure that you confirm that in writing.
  • Try to be considerate to your neighbors and your landlord and pick your battles wisely.
  • Pay your rent on time. You will always need shelter.
  • Before you communicate with your landlord regarding existing disputes, first read your lease again, and secondly, refrain from writing to your landlord regarding any ongoing dispute without first consulting with a landlord tenant attorney.

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