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Landlord-Tenant Litigation

Pasadena Landlord Tenant Litigation Lawyer

As a firm focused exclusively in landlord-tenant law, Zakari Law has extensive experience in landlord-tenant litigation. If you are a landlord or tenant involved in a dispute that may result in litigation or that has resulted in a complaint filed, we encourage you to contact our law office in Pasadena, California.

Our attorneys have handled thousands of landlord-tenant disputes for clients throughout Southern California. Some of the landlord-tenant litigation we handle includes:

  • Habitability disputes (health/safety)
  • Breach of contract or lease agreements
  • Post-foreclosure eviction and litigation
  • Tenant and Landlord rights
  • Title disputes
  • Condominium conversion disputes

Our attorneys handle all civil litigation that arises from the landlord-tenant relationship. If you are a landlord or tenant that is prosecuting or defending a claim, we can help. To contact our law office in Pasadena, California, call 626-793-7328.

Hard Working Attorneys with a Proven History of Results

We all know that experience, knowledge and skill are important attributes of an attorney. What is often overlooked when selecting an attorney, however, is the importance of an old-fashioned work ethic. Your attorney's willingness to research case law, investigate the facts and thoroughly prepare for the possibility of trial is critical.

The attorneys at our firm work days, nights and weekends seeking the best results for our clients. We leave no stone unturned in our effort to achieve winning results for the people we serve. Landlord-tenant law is our passion and when representing clients our passion and skillset quickly shine through and often times enable quick resolutions for our clients.

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If you need to speak with a lawyer about a breach of contract dispute, habitability dispute or other landlord-tenant dispute, contact Zakari Law.

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