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Los Angeles County Evictions Attorney

Evictions/Unlawful Detainer Proceedings in Southern California

At Zakari Law, we have handled thousands of unlawful detainer/eviction proceedings. We are well versed in the details, and nuances of the law as they relate to landlord-tenant disputes. Zakari Law protects the rights of its landlord and tenant clients and aggressively pursues their respective rights. As part of our landlord-tenant practice, we handle eviction/unlawful detainer cases for landlords and tenants throughout Southern California.

If you are a landlord or tenant in need of experienced legal representation for an eviction dispute or post-foreclosure matter, contact our law office in Pasadena, California. To schedule a consultation or to begin a case with a Los Angeles County evictions lawyer at our firm, call 626-793-7328.

Landlord and Tenant Rights and Obligations in Eviction Proceedings

Eviction proceedings are technically referred to as unlawful detainer proceedings. The name comes from the concept that one individual is in the unlawful detention of another person's property. Landlords may not use self-help to remove tenants from their property:

  • Landlords may not shut off utilities.
  • Landlords may not change locks without a court order.
  • Landlords may not remove tenant property, unless in compliance with the law.
  • Landlords may not take any other action to remove tenants through the use of self help.

If a landlord wishes to remove a tenant due to overdue rent, breach of a lease agreement or other concerns, the landlord must lawfully evict the tenant/occupant from the property.

South Pasadena Lawyers — Landlord Defense and Representation in Southern California Evictions

After obtaining a judgment against the tenant/occupant in an unlawful detainer/eviction proceeding we will enforce that judgment for possession to make sure that a sheriff performs a lock-out, removing all people from your premises and the tenant/occupant is thereafter prohibited from entering or returning to the property again.

Helping Landlords and Tenants Understand the Eviction Process

Eviction/unlawful detainer proceedings are summary proceedings. That is, unlawful detainer/eviction proceedings are resolved more quickly than other lawsuits. However, tenants and landlords, with the exception of time limitations, generally have the same rights as any other litigant in a civil action. For example, deposition proceedings and jury trials are not all too uncommon in unlawful detainer/eviction proceedings.

It is the goal of Zakari Law, to represent its clients efficiently and be prepared and anticipate the opposition when pursuing its clients' rights. On average, unlawful detainer proceedings/eviction proceedings last anywhere from six to twelve weeks, and sometimes even longer. Seasoned knowledge of the process is required in order to effectively represent a client in a summary proceeding. At Zakari Law, we have the knowledge, skill and experience necessary.

  • Advising landlords: Zakari Law is prepared for tenant defenses to unlawful detainer/eviction and knows how to counter them when our client is a landlord.
  • Assisting tenants: In the same vein, if Zakari Law is representing a tenant in an unlawful detainer/eviction proceeding, our attorneys know the best strategic approach to substantially increase our clients' success in the action.

In addition to representing landlords and tenants in unlawful detainer proceedings, our staff of professionals and lawyers educate landlords and tenants about notice requirements and review eviction notices to determine their compliance with state, local and sometimes federal law.

Contact Our Southern California Landlord-Tenant Law Firm

If you are a landlord or tenant in Southern California in need of experienced legal representation, contact Zakari Law. In addition to eviction proceedings, we also advise landlords and tenants in matters involving habitability concerns, rent control jurisdiction and other issues, and we represent either party through landlord-tenant litigation.

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