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Motion Practice

Pasadena Motion Practice Attorney

Our Motion Practice is a Key to Our Success

One important component of our work at Zakari Law, is our pre-trial and post-trial motion practice. Our highly aggressive motion practice separates us from other firms. Many firms tout their skills as aggressive trial litigators, as do we. However, we do not wait until the day of trial to litigate your case. Through the strategically timed use of motions we are often times able to gain a procedural advantage for our clients which increases their success at trial, and sometimes avoids the need for trial altogether. Motions are often overlooked by other landlord tenant firms. Simply put, a motion is a request that the Court do a specific task, or review specific evidence. For example, assuming a client has the evidence it needs to win a case, and it is undisputed by the opposing side, the use of a Summary Judgment Motion could dispose of either specific legal issues, limiting the issues that need to be tried in front of a judge or jury, or it could potentially dispose of the case altogether.

Our clients for many reasons, do not want to go through the trial experience. At Zakari Law, we analyze each case and are often times able to either dispose of the case without having to go through a trial, or as is stated above limit the issues that have to be tried. An integral part of every successful litigation is to know when and how to strike, defend, and appear to or actually maintain the status quo. Our attorneys do much more than simply file motions. Using our insight and experience, we focus on clarity of presentation and advancing sound legal arguments in our client's favor. We have a superior understanding of landlord-tenant law and this understanding enables us to get creative and think outside the box. Our work product is of the highest quality for a fraction of the price of other firms, we work to ensure that every action we take is done with the goal of obtaining a quick, positive outcome for each of our clients.

To find out more about our motion practice and how we can help you in your landlord-tenant or real estate related case, contact Zakari Law today to schedule a consultation. We represent both landlords and tenants throughout Southern California.

A Strategic Motion Practice

As is stated above in basic terms, a motion is a kind of request made before a judge during any stage of a legal proceeding. Depending on the circumstance, our attorneys will analyze and come up with the required motion that can help your case.

At Zakari Law, our motion practice is broad, tactical, and legally sound. The types of motions we file for our clients include but are not limited to the following:

  • Motion for summary judgment
  • Motion for summary adjudication
  • Motion to dismiss
  • Motion to compel
  • Motion to set aside default
  • Motion to quash
  • Motion in limine
  • Motion to stay pending appeal
  • Motion to continue
  • Motion to strike
  • Motion for relief from forfeiture
  • Motion to reopen discovery proceedings
  • Motion to stay forfeiture
  • Motion for a new trial
  • Motion to re-consider
  • Motion for attorney's fees
  • Motion to consolidate & relate
  • Emergency motions
  • Demurrer (quasi motion)

We also have experience with restraining orders, injunctions and jury trial motions, including motions for judgment not-withstanding the verdict (JNOV).

Our approach goes far beyond simply filing standard motions. We understand the California court system. We know that in addition to content, presentation is a key element in obtaining a favorable decision. Our strategy lies in acting reasonably, diligently and ethically in court.

In addition to our motion practice, our attorneys handle appeals, and in fact often take appeals referred by other lawyers.

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