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Contract Interpretation and Drafting

Pasadena Landlord-Tenant Contracts Attorney

At the core of most landlord-tenant disputes is a claim that one party is in breach of the contract. Whether it is a breach not to have pets, failure to pay rent or not to sublease, contract interpretation and drafting is an essential skill in landlord-tenant law. At Zakari Law, we are highly experienced and pride ourselves in our ability to handle binding agreements from beginning to end.

When you need a lawyer to draft, negotiate, interpret or review your landlord-tenant contract and minimize potential problems, choose Zakari Law. Contact us today. A proper lease contract can be the key to a successful landlord-tenant relationship. Whether it is for commercial or residential property, Zakari Law has experience in crafting, interpreting and explaining to our clients the key terms existing or needed in a contract.

The Focus of Every Tenancy

The terms of a lease agreement is one of the deciding factors in any dispute between landlords and tenants. The accurate and precise drafting of a lease agreement can help forestall and prevent litigation and interpretations problems down the line, and thereby save clients a great deal of time, money and headaches.

Therefore, having an attorney to help draft and negotiate the terms of a contract is essential. With years of experience, our attorneys effectively create contracts tailored to the needs of our clients. Whether you are drafting the terms of a commercial or a residential lease, our landlord-tenant contract lawyers can provide invaluable insight.

Meeting Clients' Needs with Rigorous Landlord-Tenant Contracts

At Zakari Law [Link to Firm Overview], our focus is on our clients. Because a contract involves two or more parties, creating a document that is tailored to our clients' needs yet will still be acceptable to all parties involved can take creativity, patience and in many respects litigation experience to know what provisions are and are not enforceable. Our legal team works with all parties during the negotiation and drafting processes, offer unconventional solutions and advise clients on concessions and compromises that can result in more satisfactory agreements in the long run.

We assist both landlords and tenants in negotiating satisfactory landlord-tenant contracts aimed at protecting our clients' interests and maintaining trouble-free lease property. We are also experienced at interpretation of agreements to protect and enforce those interests through litigation.

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To find out more information on our contract work or to speak with an experienced landlord-tenant attorney, contact us today at 626-793-7328.

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