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Civil Litigation

Los Angeles County Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil Litigation and Appeals Throughout Southern California

Litigation refers to legal actions, including lawsuits, taken through the judicial system. There are two main categories of legal actions, criminal and civil. Criminal actions pertain to alleged violations of criminal laws. Civil litigation involves legal actions pertaining to the relationships between individuals and/or businesses.

At Zakari Law in Pasadena, California, our firm focuses on landlord-tenant law. From reviewing contracts to representing individuals or commercial entities in the courtroom, we provide effective, personalized service in evictions, lease disputes, contract disputes and other civil disputes between landlords and tenants. Contact us to speak with a member of our qualified legal team by calling 626-793-7328. A Los Angeles County civil litigation lawyer at our law firm can provide the effective assistance you need.

Protecting Clients' Rights in Civil Disputes

With years of experience, our legal team has handled thousands of landlord-tenant matters and cases. We provide knowledgeable representation for commercial and residential landlord and tenants in contract review and contract drafting, negotiations between involved parties and litigation involving:

Our law firm has extensive experience through the entire process, from effectively pursuing or addressing pretrial and post-trial motions to skillfully representing clients in civil appeals when necessary. We also advise clients in administrative hearings.

If you are a residential or commercial landlord or tenant involved in a dispute that may require litigation or if you have had a complaint filed against you, it is in your best interests to consult with an experienced attorney who can explain your rights as a landlord and provide proper landlord defense. At Zakari Law, our firm is committed to protecting our clients' rights and pursuing legal actions in their interests.

Meeting Legal Requirements in Civil Litigation

With legal proceedings, there are often deadlines established that must be met. From filing a complaint to filing a motion to filing an appeal, we work to meet every deadline. However, we can only begin to work on your behalf after you have contacted us. When you suspect a dispute may arise or are likely to engage in landlord-tenant litigation, speak with an experienced and effective landlord-tenant lawyer at Zakari Law as quickly as possible. We know the system, we know the law and we know the exceptions. Choose our firm to help you.

Contact Our Beverly Hills-Area Lease Disputes and Civil Disputes Lawyer

With every case, we complete an in-depth analysis of all facts involved, anticipate the actions of the other party's legal counsel and build strategies to effectively present your case. From pretrial negotiation to courtroom representation to appellate motion, we have experienced great success. To find out more information about our work in civil litigation or to speak with an experienced landlord-tenant attorney in Southern California, contact us today at 626-793-7328.

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