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Landlord Tenant Services Overview

Los Angeles County Landlord-Tenant Disputes Attorney

Legal Services for Landlords and Tenants in Southern California

Based in Pasadena, California, Zakari Law offers a full-service landlord-tenant practice for the benefit of clients throughout Southern California. If you are a landlord or tenant in need of experienced legal representation in eviction proceedings or other landlord-tenant related litigation, we encourage you to contact our law office at 626-793-7328.

We have provided below a summary of the landlord-tenant matters handled by our firm. If you need to speak with a knowledgeable Los Angeles County landlord-tenant dispute lawyer about these or other landlord-tenant matters in Southern California, contact us.

Pasadena Evictions Lawyer for Landlords and Tenants

Evictions, also known as detainer proceedings, must be conducted in a procedurally accurate manner to avoid lengthy delays in your case. The goal of our firm is to represent our clients efficiently, to be fully prepared and to pursue and protect our clients' rights.

Civil Legal Matters and Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses non-criminal legal actions. Zakari Law provides personalized representation in a wide variety of legal proceedings.

Commercial and Residential Lease Assistance

Leases, both commercial and residential lease negotiation and enforcement, often require knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel. With years of experience and hundreds of successful cases, our attorneys protect the best interests of our clients.

The Genesis of a Landlord-Tenant Firm

When Zakari Law began, its practice focused almost exclusively on the representation of tenants' rights. Zakari Law quickly gained a reputation as an ethical and formidable tenants' rights firm. After gaining a thorough understanding of landlord-tenant law, and an understanding of the Courts' perspective on specific and common landlord-tenant legal issues, Zakari Law expanded its practice to include landlord representation. Zakari Law quickly learned that landlords often face difficult decisions with savvy tenants who are sometimes being guided by unethical paralegals or lawyers, and those landlords require the assistance of experienced, aggressive and responsible counsel.

Today, a large percentage of our clients are landlords, including banks, management companies, asset managers, real-estate offices, companies and individuals who need assistance with their commercial and residential eviction or landlord-tenant dispute. We have never forgotten our roots, and our legal team takes pleasure in the opportunities we have to represent both landlords and tenants in need of legal assistance — this is our passion.

We believe strongly that our experience working on both sides of landlord-tenant disputes gives us an ability to quickly size up an issue and determine an appropriate and efficient approach to case management. We know the grounds for recovery and defenses available in landlord-tenant disputes. Our comprehensive knowledge of landlord-tenant law and broad-based perspective gives Zakari Law clients a winning edge.

Contact Our Southern California Landlord-Tenant Law Firm

If you need to speak with a lawyer about an eviction proceeding, landlord-tenant litigation, administrative hearing, rent agreement dispute or other landlord-tenant matter, contact Zakari Law.

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